Our pricing plans offer variable levels of use, meaning you pay for only what you’ll need

Although focus on fundraising is a powerful and comprehensive software program it is very competitively priced. In particular, Level 1 will enable small organisations to get started with a donor database with minimum outlay.

Level 1

Single workstation – Limited to 1000 records

$450 +GST

Level 2

Single workstation – Unlimited records

$950 +GST

Level 3

Multi User – Unlimited records

$ 950 +GST plus $500 for each additional user

Upgrades: You can upgrade at any time from any level simply by paying the price difference.

Monthly License Fee

The monthly license fee includes support and updates.

Focus on Fundraising provides technical support and updates.

The prices are as follows

1-3 Users $24 per month plus GST

4 or more users $30 per month plus GST

Training (optional):

Training is available and is done online. Training is carried out in two separate 2 ½ hour sessions. The cost for the two sessions is $320 plus GST.

Refund Policy: You can at any time during the first six months after purchase receive a full refund of the purchase price paid. Conditions are that you return all documentation and disks supplied and uninstall the program from all your computers prior to the elapse of the six month period after purchase.

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Find out more about the features available through the Focus On Fundraising software which can be customised to suit your individual needs