All you need to run your fundraising activities

Focus on fundraising enables you to effectively manage your donors, sponsors, subscribing members, volunteers and all other operations that are part of your fundraising activities.

Individual donors

Holds all the information you need regarding your donors.

Organisations and Contacts

Unlimited contacts within organisations

Mailing Groups

Mail to groups and exclude some groups from a particular mail out.


You set up your own relationship types.

Manage Grant Applications

Status grant. Records of payments received and the allocation of funds.


Skills, availability, personal details, work records.

Schools and Colleges

The education module holds all the records of students and alumni.


Banking batches, cheques and cash, credit cards.


You can set up membership types and subscription amounts.

Sponsorship and Pledges

Record cash and goods and services contributions.


Single communications, bulk mailing and email, thank you letters.


Report on tasks over any date range and staff member.